What Is the Objective of Your Product Description?

In the world of online marketing, organization, operating with a purpose, is a powerful tool. And how it works in creating your product descriptions is astounding to see. Simply being properly focused can cause amazing things to happen. Knowing how to organize and focus product information will put you in front of most of your competition.

A Professional Secret Exposed

This might sound like a strange thing to admit, but writing ability is not the most important ingredient in writing a first-rate product description. Uh oh, I think I just exposed a "professional secret". You might ask, if writing ability is not the most important ingredient, what is? Read on, and hopefully I will clear this up.

Organizing Your Data

First of all, let's divide your product information into two categories:

1. organized information

2. scattered information

Let's start with the latter. Scattered is how you get most of your product information. You often get laundry lists of specifications and features. You cannot just pass this information on to your customers. This information would be confusing and weak, not much better than having no information at all. It's strewn about everywhere. A bit of this. A bit of that. There is nothing that can be turned on and tapped into. This describes how you get most of your product data. It is just sort of "out there", so you get nowhere.

A key ingredient in a product description is the meaningful organizing of this information. You might ask, How do you organize your information? How do you pull it together? The writer does through focus - by setting a concrete, specific objective and thinking about the objective throughout the writing process. The inexperienced writer will say that you do not have enough information to write a first-rate description. For the experienced writer, that almost never happens.

The problem is almost never a lack of information. Everyone has access to the same information. What professional online writers bring to the table is the skills and copy writing experience to pull this information together into a positive, hard hitting product description.

Putting It Together

I have had clients who could not understand how I took what seemed like such scattered and seemingly inadequate information and produced such full and powerful descriptions. It may be fun to have people think that I am a mind reader, magician or guru; much what I do is simply explained in the two incontrovertible facts listed in the points above. By organizing information and focusing scattered information. I take data that appears disorganized, weak and inadequate and turn it into a strong, substantial product description.

I don't know of any genuine secrets to creating first-rate product descriptions, but I can tell you that there are two undeniable facts of descriptions writing that might make it look like product description writers are hiding something. Here they are:

1. When your product information is disjointed and unorganized, it always feels weak, inadequate and incomplete.

2. When that same information is presented in a written, well-organized product description format, it feels strong, substantial, meaningful and complete.

And don't worry! You have enough information.

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