Different Resume Objective Examples

Resume objective is the trickiest part of writing a resume, but at the same time it is the easiest too. This is because you are supposed to be original and write on your own. You have to customize it according to your requirements and the employers' too. In this particular resume section, it is two line statement but important part of resume you can mention your motive and take a stance on the job.

Unfortunately, there are many candidates who underestimate the essence of the resume objective and do not pay much attention to it. They use the over used statements like 'My objective is to achieve _____,' 'To use my skills and experience in _____,' 'Find a job with designation _____,' etc.

Importance of Resume Objective

The objective statement is written for the employer to know your personal ambitions along with your plans to use the company for the same. At the same time, it is important to think from their perspective and write an objective that answers the question of how useful you can be for them.

We give you a few different resume objective examples in the following to show the different ways in which one can write the same thing. The tone of these objectives are different and have been written in an attempt to be different and yet genuine.

Human Resources Department: To earn my living doing what I like the best; managing people and helping them earn too. That is why I am seeking a job in the human resources department.

Management Job: Managing is my forte; I can tackle any work related emergencies and solve them single-handedly. Hence, I am looking for a job in the management department.

Content Writing Field: I wish to contribute towards the development of the websites through my writing skills and earn recognition for my writing talent and linguistic skills.

Journalism Field: Representing the common man and being one of the pillars of the country is my ambition and I think your organization is the best medium to achieve that.

Teaching Field: Teaching has been my passion and interacting with young minds too. I want to help them develop an orientation for making a career and be useful to the country.

These were some examples of how you can personalize your resume objective and use it to your advantage. Just see to it that you consider the employers' perspective too while writing it.

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